Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Style Crush: Michelle Williams

I never loved Michelle Williams in Dawson's Creek. Perhaps it was her character, but I just couldn't get into her.
And then somewhere between that show ending and the Tribeca film festival this week, she became this beautifully stylish young woman.
I love that her style is fresh and quirky but she is still classy.

In my head, I associate her with yellow and peter pan collars-two of my favourite things.
This is from the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this week. The dress is Giambattista Valli and it is all kinds of beautiful. It has so much going on but it still looks remarkably simple. And I love the red lips.
Look at that dress! I make a little sigh noise every time I look at it. Sigh.
I love this because it's so unexpected. You expect to see Michelle Williams in a cute quirky dress. Instead, she just looks all kinds of gorgeous and laid back in normal people clothes.

Note: None of these images have credits because I pulled them off Pinterest and couldn't track them back to the original source. If you know the sources, please let me know.

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