Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Delicious lemon curd and a bit of a story

So I love lemon curd. A lot.

Only I am afraid of making lemon curd. Mostly because the word curd itself makes up the majority of the word "curdle".
Also, when I was in high school, I did a subject called Home Economics. In my final year of school, for our final exam, we had to do a practical, which involved making a lemon meringue pie. Something I had never done up until that point.
So the trauma of that day still resides with me. My pastry case had a hole in it. Which wouldn't have been so bad if I had cooked the lemon filling long enough. But I didn't. So it was very runny when I poured it into the case. And then leaked all over the plate.
This is not my final exam pie. This lovely one is from Finecooking

Luckily, high school is designed to be passed by silly people like me. And the mark break down involved things like taste, appearance, texture etc. So realising texture was a failure, I concentrated on upping the appearance mark which was looking pretty grim because of the pastry case floating in a puddle of yellow with a meringue just hanging around nearby. So I went outside and picked some lovely yellow flowers and started to style my plate. The external examiner lady was just busy clucking over what a pity it was that my filling was not actually inside my pie, but tasted quite good, when I realised that the flowers that were on my plate were starting to leak ants. Even though I had rinsed the flowers before I put them on my plate, there were a couple of die hards.
I did my best impression of a crazy person to distract the examiner lady from the ants. She didn't see them, I breathed out hard. I passed Home Economics but have not made a lemon meringue or the lemon curd filling since then.
Until a little while ago.
I found this recipe. Which really is fool proof. Trust me, I'm usually the fool that these things are designed for. And I have made this lemon curd twice. Successfully.
Anyway, here is what you need. (Please excuse my cell phone pictures).

Well, you wont need all of this. These are just the types of ingredients you will need.
And once you've finished following the recipe in the link, you should get this:

See how I've learned my lesson and I put the curd in closed jars before putting it anywhere near the flowers? In case they too have ant visitors. Those frayed edges on that piece of fabric annoy me.

I'm now so cocky about lemon curd, that I am dreaming up grapefruit curd. Let's hope that works out just as well!

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