Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Grey days

At the end of last year, my boyfriend and I decided we were going to paint our new flat. We used some of our Christmas bonuses and bought paint for the entrance way and the living room. But on the day we bought the paint and came home to prep, I started picking at a patch of peeling paint, which then got bigger and bigger. 

And then, because we're not exactly handy around the house, it seemed that we had picked off some of the plastering too.

Anyway, we pushed a chair in front of the giant patch (it got really big when the boyfriend got the paint scraper involved) and left it, vowing to get someone in ASAP to look at it.

We painted the passageway a fiery orange and then went on our Christmas break, leaving the pretty grey paint we bought unopened.
Anyway, the chair is still in front of the big patch and it bothers me. You can't see it. But I know it's there. It whispers quietly to me while I'm watching tv.

Today, I got some painters and plasterers around to take a look at it and quote me on the painting so I popped into the spare room where the cans of paint have been standing since December and remembered just how pretty our colours are.

We currently have yellow-y beige-y peach-y walls which are bland and generally just all round gross. And we picked two really pretty greys- one darker and one lighter for our lounge.
So while I wait for the quotes, I thought I would look at inspiration pictures and pretend I too live in a cool, calm, grey space.

All pics are from Apartment Therapy

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