Thursday, 26 April 2012

Game of Thrones Inspired Fashion

So I was watching Game of Thrones the other day and I spied a few things that made me go "ooh, I want one of those," so I set about trying to find things that replicate some of the looks.
I don't wear real fur and I don't know what the Game of Thrones costume department's view on real fur is, but there certainly is a lot of fur (real or otherwise) on the show.
Everything is fur trimmed. Probably because "Winter is coming."

On top is Jon Snow, wearing a really plush fur collared cape. And above, is this faux fur DIY from Faiiint so you too can get your Starke on.

Pinterest is filled with tutorials for braids ranging from simple to really, really intricate. So you too can look like a Khaleesi. Or like Blake Lively. whichever blows your hair back.

Designer Helmut Lang said he was inspired by Game of Thrones for his new Fall line. And it shows, there's lots of leather and big collars. And lots of different textures.
Looks a lot like this doesn't it?

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