Thursday, 12 April 2012

Flamjangled Tea Party

The Flamjangled Tea Party has come and gone and it probably would have been better to post these photos earlier, only I didn't have this blog earlier. So tough.
Anyway, Flamjangled is this amazing music festival held just outside of Cape Town. It's a "gentle" festival. People dress up, bring their kids, the vibe is relaxed and its just pretty all around.
I am a horrible photographer, but luckily, my other half isn't. He took these beautiful photographs which just speak for themselves. So I'm going to let them do that.

This guy had an epic costume. He stood on those stilts for hours.

Kind of Donnie Darko decorations. If you look closely, there is a blow up doll that someone wedged behind the bunny guy.

Pretty lake scenes

This couple won the dress up competition. These preying mantises were amazing!

The tent. With a birdcage. Owls and birds were kind of a theme.
Please ignore the stuipd expression on my face and focus instead on my awesome sunglasses. I choose my sunnies based on levels of absurdity- these are winners.

There was a purple door in the middle of nowhere. These are my friends Richard and Joao. They are in a band called We Set Sail. If you're in Cape Town and get an opportunity to see them, do it. Their music will move you.

All pictures by Wesley Thompson.

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