Friday, 20 April 2012

Local Fashion Friday: Pincushion proteas

There are few things more South African than the protea. It is our national flower after all. My favourite is the rather strange looking pincushion, and judging by all the beautiful pincushion designs I found, it's a lot of other people's favourite too.
This post was really inspired by the new fabric range released by South African fabric designer Skinny laMinx this week. The range is called Flower Dreams and features some beautiful, bold prints. My favourite however is this closely printed pincushion fabric.

It's not the first time Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx has used pincushions in her designs, because a few years ago she made these cool place mats and table runners.
And then, while i was going through my Pinterest boards, I remembered that these amazing ceramic oil lamps, made by the South African team at The Botany Project. They're called Upcycle lamps and you place the ceramic top-made in a number of styles of South African fynbos flowers-on top of any glass bottle you may have, filled with olive oil, and then light the wick. In my opinion, they were one of the top 10 things at this year's Design Indaba. See the pincushion one in the top left of the picture?
And finally, I found this pincushion wall tattoo, over Here. I think it looks very cool on that grey wall. Although I wouldn't make it compete with the arum lilies like in this shot.


  1. Thanks for the mention on this post! Perhaps we can do some sort of giveaway on your blog?

    1. That would be amazing. Drop me an email at with your details and i will get in touch. Bianca