Sunday, 8 April 2012

So Cosy

It's been cold and rainy in Cape Town this weekend. It makes me sad because I think we may have to bid farewell to Summer. But, at the same time, I've spent a lot of time underneath my gorgeous soft throw, eating chocolate so it's not really all bad.
And while I've been sitting wrapped in my throw, I went  in search of cosy interiors. I feel warm and fuzzy just looking at them.
There's something about texture in winter that's super comforting isn't there? Or maybe it's just me, I'm obsessed with the way things feel.
These blankets from West Elm make you want to touch them
This clever duvet cover is from Dutch brand Snurk. It's called their "Granny" print and looks crocheted. I love the way they styled this shot with the false teeth for a bit of humour,
This bed from here makes me want to dive right in. That fluffy brown throw is almost identical to the one I am sitting under right now.
I'm usually a sucker for colour, but this blanket and pouf from Le Souk make me swoon. It's like a jersey for your bed.

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