Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Blue and white

The bedroom of my dreams has a navy wall and white trim. I absolutely love the look of rich, deep blue and fresh white. But the one thing I don't want is a nautical looking room. I think beach house chic belongs in beach houses.
This isn't a bedroom but I love, the white trim, white accessories and all that beautiful wood in this picture from Decor8. My bedroom is carpeted but I have a feeling that under the ugly beige carpet there is a parquet wood floor. One day the curiosity is going to get the better of me, and I'm just going to tear that carpet up.
I found these cut out buck head plates on Elle Decoration. I never really got into the whole buck head thing, mostly because we used to visit someone who had real ones when I was a child and they pretty much terrified me. But these delft blue style ones look really fun and I like that they kept the cut-out. Wouldn't they look lovely on a navy wall?
These plates would look beautiful on a navy wall too. Although not in a bedroom. That would just be weird. I'm definitely going to be hunting down some interesting Delft pieces while I'm in Holland though. This picture is from Martha Stewart.

And speaking of Holland, I leave on my two week holiday tomorrow with an overnight stop in Johannesburg to say hi to my parents. I have scheduled a few posts, but I won't be posting every day. 

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