Monday, 16 April 2012

Bonus Post: Reality TV fashion

Last week I was watching Season Two of The Voice. It's my guilty pleasure. Please don't judge me.
Anyway, I fell in love with the dress Alyx wore in the battle rounds (I think SA is a little behind the US broadcast so forgive me if this seems a bit stale.)
The dress was a sheer, cream coloured chiffon number that was almost poncho-shaped, if I had to describe it. It had a high, beaded neck and big polka dots on it too.
All of the pictures I have found only show the top of the dress. But it was a really cute, short dress that she wore with black tights and black boots. I would have paired it with a little ankle boot, but her long ones look nice too.
And unlike Erin who clearly forgot her pants at home that night, the dress was just the right amount of fun, young and flirty.
And because this is a blog about pretty things, please lets take a moment to admire Alyx's battle round partner Jermaine Paul, who has an incredible voice, and incredible bone structure to match.
I think they're both pretty.
Don't you?

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