Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What I am Wearing Wednesday

Despite the title of this post. This outfit is actually what I wore yesterday, Tuesday. I had a bit of an Internet malfunction do didn't get to post it, but I am in love with this new coat so I thought I would share.
I spotted this coat in Mr Price. Walked away from it. Walked around the mall for a bit and came back for it.  The print looks a little like a snowflake but it's not quite so obvious. There is a buttery/ sandy colour in there too which I thought was more yellow initially but isn't really.
I wore it with black tights, a short black dress from Edgars (years ago, but I love it because it has pockets) and although you can't see them, black boots from Green Cross.
Green Cross? I hear you asking: "Aren't they those yucky aunty shoes that are good for your feet?"
Well they are good for your feet but a couple of years ago they brought out a beautiful boot range. Mine are black leather riding boots with lace up detail on the back.
And the earrings are the same ones I threw into my stationary post yesterday. They were on sale for R30 from Lavisa.

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