Tuesday, 15 May 2012

On the Hunt

While I was in Holland I bought this top from De Bijenkorf:

It looks a bit blah in the photo (it's the product shot). It's a much brighter orange. It has navy and white polka dotty things on it. The pussy bow is removable and it has quite a cute, rounded collar. The thing though, is on its own it looks a bit "air hostess". And I had planned to wear it with a thin navy sweater.
Only, do you think I can find such a thing?
Th ideal sweater would be a thin, light knit. It has a crew neck and it's navy. To tone down all of that orange.
But everything I've seen either has the wrong neckline, has some kind of a print on it, like stripes, or costs a bazillion rands.
These are what I had in mind:
This one is JCrew. But unfortunately, it falls into the category of costing one bazillion South African Rands.
This one from Asos falls into the same category of being perfect but costing too much:
Not sure why the model is wearing a jersey with those teeny tiny shorts. Does she suffer from unusually cold arms or unusually warm legs?
Anyway, if anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be ever so grateful!
Pretty Please?

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