Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Holiday post no.1: Delicious Things

When I heard I was going to Holland I jokingly started saying I was going on a pie eating tour.
I was only partly wrong. Mostly because in Holland, there is no pie. But the South of Holland is known for something called "Vlaai" (pronounced like you would say "fly"). It's a tart of sorts. Most have a fruit filling but there are custard and rice type fillings too.
It almost seems obligatory to serve them when people come to visit.
On my first day in Holland I was offered a choice of cherry or apricot.
On my second day there was this one:
That there is a strawberry one. It had a custard filling and a layer of chocolate between the base and the custard.
One Sunday we went to this farm where they make them in a pizza oven on the first Sunday of every month. These are some of the little, individual ones that I found when I popped into the kitchen to see how it's done.
Everyone sits in the barn, next to the tractors and farming implements and eats their vlaai with a cup of coffee. There are lots of different sorts to choose from.
I had the apricot:
The Dutch have a real sweet tooth. They eat delicious chocolate sprinkles on their bread for breakfast. They   make amazing pancakes. And vlaai. And things called Strropwafels which are biscuits that taste like waffles. With syrup inside. They will change your life.
They changed mine. And probably my waistline too.
I saw this one day in Maastricht and thought it was apt.

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