Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cheerful stationary from Typo.

I'm back from my week in Johannesburg and will hopefully be blogging more regularly again now. I was there for training relating to a journalism fellowship which I am doing this year, and while completely unrelated to the pretty things I blog about here, it did give me an opportunity to splurge on some new stationary.
I am an absolute stationary fiend and remember spending almost all of my pocket money when I was a child on pens and notebooks and things. It's no co-incidence that I became a journalist- free pens and notebooks? Yes please, I'll take that career.
Anyway, because the fellowship requires some long term work, I knew I would want a journal to keep track of everything, to write up ideas and bits of story and the like. I also knew I would want at least one dedicated notebook and I didn't want it to be a "regular" one. Mostly because I wanted new stationary.
The fellowship does involve some funding so I suspect while my colleagues were considering spending theirs on tools like laptops and cameras, I may have been the only one wondering how many notebooks one could buy and reasonably pass off as "for work purposes."
Anyway, I found these at Cotton On. They're all by Typo-which according to the label is designed in Australia and made in China.

The multi-coloured one is the journal and what sold me was that scattered throughout the book are cardboard dividers which have pockets, which would hold photos, slips of paper and general bits and bobs that a reporter on a year long fellowship might gather. I think it was a bargain at R49.
The other two came in a pack. They're lined inside and one is a buttery colour and the other is bright pink. They did cost a little more at R179 for the pack (gasp) but I rationalised it by telling myself they were cheaper than one Moleskin. I didn't realise until I got them all home, along with the yellow earrings I bought (the yellow round things in the pics), that everything matched.

I love this inside: (if you can't read it, it says: This epic journal can be returned to. And even has space to write a reward amount!)

I also bought some coloured fine liners yesterday. They're triangle shaped so they're nice to hold, but seeing as though I bought them in the grocery store and they cost around R10 for 10, the're not exactly prize winning writing material.Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

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