Monday, 4 June 2012

Kate Middleton Jubilee Style

I didn't watch any of the Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations this weekend but did see lots of online chatter about Kate Middleton's outfit on Sunday.
She wore a gorgeous red, Alexander McQueen dress with long sleeves, a peplum and some pleats. She also wore  the same red hat she wore on her trip to Canada recently.
I personally love the dress.
There have been some "who wore it better" posts online about this dress though because some trashy pop star I'd never heard of, and Kim Kardashian had worn similar looks. I say similar because the dress they wore was shorter and sleeveless.
Both pics from US weekly
I do prefer Kate's version though. I think the red and the shorter length pleats in the other version have an air of cheerleader about them.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful teal LK Bennett suit that Kate wore earlier in the week.
Pic taken from here
It has a kind of vintage military pi- up vibe going for it with the colour and the construction.Which is cute seeing as though Kate is a military wife. And the peplum gives her a bit of shape. The pink arm in this shot next to her is the Queen btw.

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