Monday, 25 June 2012

In Full Collar

I'm loving shirts with collars at the moment. The more unusual the better.
I love lacy, crocheted ones and floppy ones and rounded ones and ones with studs on them.
Have a look:
This picture came off Pinterest and the link appeared to be broken so if anyone has a source for that shirt, or the picture, drop me a comment.
I love this sweet, ruffled affair from here but it's vintage so probably fairly once off and difficult to find.
This loveliness is by South African label Adam and Eve. If you're in SA, you can buy it from36 boutiques.
Look, her collar has a collar! Pic is by Tommy Ton at Sydney Fashion Week. I am loving that neon yellow too.
And look how lovely this blouse is. It's from here and comes in a deep, berry red and chartreuse too. And they ship worldwide!

Pretty right?

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