Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Neon and Neutral

When neons came into fashion (again) a few years ago, I must admit, I ignored them. Although, I did buy those limited edition Blondie Converse with the pink laces and the zebra print. But that's because they were awesome. Not because they're neon.
But I digress. Neons are back again but this time they feel softer, a little more watery and not so brash.
And when they're paired with neutrals, the feel quite grown up.
Neon yellow and grey are fast becoming a favourite favourite.
So glam. From Around Lucia.

Hello beautiful shoes. From Jak and Jil

I love how surprising the mint is with the yellow and grey. From The Day Book Blog.
I also love a sandy, beige-y neutral with yellow:
I love this. The photo came off Pinterest and I can't find the original source so if you can identify the photographer or the designer, you get +1 morality points.

This bag from Urban Outfitters makes me want to stroke it and tell it it's pretty.
And just because I like to mix things up, here's some neon coral:
Pretty jeans at Ring My Bell. Everyone knows Breton stripe is practically a neutral!

Pretty, no?

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